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Voices in your head are there to stay

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Yes it does

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i already know how unpopular i am on this website i dont need a graph to tell me thanks

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I always feel really bad when they’re mean to Luke bc having your friends say mean things to you even as a joke sucks and I hope they all apologize with big baskets of his favorite foods and let him pick the movie sometimes

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That moment you realize your not worth anything. That you were just kidding yourself into thinking your good enough. But your worthless and will never amount to anything. Your letting everyone down and your just a shitty person.

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he’s flailing his arms around he’s adorable 

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am i the only one who thinks it would look really cute if luke took his hair out of a quiff and just let it be floppy and so cute omg

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Anonymous said:
do 5sos get drunk?
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